Seed beads are small beads which are spheroidal and uniform. They range in size and can be found anywhere around the 1 millimeter or smaller range. They are often rounded along the edges and most popularly used for many things. The first use for seed beads is off loom bead weaving. The second most popular use for seed beads is as s spacer in between larger beads on a handmade piece of jewelry. This is especially popular among sterling silver jewelry.

Another top use for seed beads is as an embellishment for clothing. This is particularly true of the larger beads which are often seen crocheted into shirts or dresses. Many stores are now offering handcrafted designs en masse that includes seed bead embellishments. These are eye catching and make any regular ensemble a unique masterpiece. You can sew these beads onto any generic shirt or dress or pants and instantly increase the one of a kind value that it holds. The fourth most common use for seed beads is bead knitting. This is a great hobby for anyone who knits regularly already or is interested in taking up knitting for the first time.

Coming in at #5 is bold handmade jewelry. Many people have taken to making their jewelry at home or buying home made jewelry. This trend includes a lot of layered necklaces. Having layers has made its way onto the handmade beaded jewelry scene. Necklaces that have multiple strands remain one of the most popular new designs alongside layered bracelets and wrap rings which offer a distinctive look. These seed beads can be incorporated into the designs in order to act as a spacers or to add a distinctive color in the background. They offer a sophisticated style that does not steal the attention in the room.