Create Custom Baubles With Collage Papers
Collage papers provide endless options for jewelry creation. These papers come in a variety of colors, patterns and textures, and each option gives you the ability to create beautiful, custom jewelry. Choose a paper with your favorite character or in your favorite color for completely individualized pieces. There are many different jewelry pieces you have the ability to create with collage paper. The basic steps for creating the jewelry is the same in each case, however. 

The first step in making collage paper jewelry is to select the medium onto which you plan to apply the collage paper. Choose a metal piece, some beads, a small piece of wood or a tiny frame. Select a material that is the correct size for the project at hand. Use smaller materials for earrings and larger objects for broaches.

Once you've chosen a medium, let it serve as your inspiration for selecting collage paper. Some materials hold multiple layers of paper well, and others do best with only one layer. Mix and match papers until you find the combination that is right for you. Do not overpower the shape and lines of your piece by over-cluttering it with pattern or images.

The final step in your collage paper jewelry creation process is attaching your paper to the jewelry. The best way to do this is by using a versatile adhesive product. Paint a thin layer onto your piece, then add the paper on top. Once this sets, add a few more layers of adhesive over the top of the paper to seal it. Sealing prevents your collage paper from peeling, and it also provides a barrier of protection. 

Custom jewelry is not difficult to make; it is simply a matter of finding the correct collage paper for your personal taste. Look at your local craft and hobby stores, and once you become familiar with the terms, search online for a bigger selection of collage paper. The possibilities for handmade jewelry are only limited by your imagination.