Making your own glass pendant gifts is a fun, affordable alternative to buying similar products in stores. Doing it on your own also gives you the freedom to explore your own creativity and personalize the gifts, as commercial products lack this possibility. Have fun with these affordable glass pendant gift ideas.

Use glass beads to create a pattern to attach to a pendant. Glass beads are fun to work with and give you a lot of freedom to make different patterns and images out of the little pieces. Use string and a cloth pendant base to create a work of art that emphasizes a facet of the recipient's personality. This takes a little bit more time than purchasing a pre-made pendant or brooch, but is much more personal and thoughtful.

Alternatively, purchase glass pendant cabs, also known as domes. These come in multiple different shapes and sizes and are made specifically for use in pendants. Attach these to a pendant base over a piece of paper or artwork, such as text from a favorite poem or a picture of a loved relative. If you prefer, paint the top or bottom of the glass to create a raised or magnified piece of original art for the pendant. 

These are just a couple of great ideas to consider when making a glass pendant for a gift. Take advantage of the beauty and versatility of glass beads and cabs to make pendants that last for years, are personalized and are filled with sentimental value. Make sure to practice and watch some tutorials to hone your skills before giving out the gifts.