If  you haven't yet discovered Waterslide Decal Paper, you’ve been missing out on a ton of fun!  The sky’s the limit when considering applications for this innovative paper for projects and to decorate with flair.  They work equally well with inkjet and laser printers, and the creations you choose to print upon these decal sheets may be applied to all non-porous surfaces such as glass, ceramic, tile, metal, porcelain, wood furnitures, candles, albums, book covers, cardboard, appliances, model railroads, diecast cars, fishing rods etc.

Tough, durable, greaseproof and wipeable, you just copy any pre-printed design or create your own artwork with ink and paper or a computer drawing onto the blank, water-slide decal paper using an office copier, laser printer or ALPS printer.

The myriad of projects you can create using this premium decal paper is daunting, but for starters, you could use this paper to create your own monograms or other personalized designs, to give as gifts or keep for yourself.  You can even use this paper to transfer onto soap, so you could prepare bars of soap with your own artwork saying to present to friends and family for a very affordable way to show them you care.

Scan your kindergartner’s artwork onto a file on your computer, then size it and print it as a decal to apply to a plate for a lovely wall hanging,  Scan and apply your middle schooler’s school picture to apply to his or her book covers.  Do you know a model railroad enthusiast?  This decal paper can easily be used to print decals for the model trains and scenery. Size and print a wedding invitation or birth announcement to go on a tile for hanging.  Make some decals to decorate your bathroom mirror, kitchen windows or children’s headboards.  You could print up several copies of one design and apply it to various elements in a room for a theme effect.

With these decals, you’ll never have to buy stencils for letters again, as you just type up what you want to say in the font you like at the size you need and send to print!  Personalize a plaque to go above a front door or in the entrance foyer reminding folks to remove their shoes.  It’s guaranteed, once you get started, you won’t want to stop and the possibilities will continue to grow!