Make Affordable Glass Pendant Gifts

Making your own glass pendant gifts is a fun, affordable alternative to buying similar products in stores. Doing it on your own also gives you the freedom to explore your own creativity and personalize the gifts, as commercial products lack this possibility. Have fun with these affordable glass pendant gift ideas.
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Waterslide Decal Paper for Fun!

If you haven't yet discovered Waterslide Decal Paper, you’ve been missing out on a ton of fun! The sky’s the limit when considering applications for this innovative paper for projects and to decorate with flair. They work equally well with inkjet and laser printers, and the creations you choose to print upon these decal sheets may be applied to all non-porous surfaces such as glass, ceramic, tile, metal, porcelain, wood furnitures, candles, albums, book covers, cardboard, appliances, model railroads, diecast cars, fishing rods etc.
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